Got to have high high hopes for a living

On the morning of September 5th 2023 I weighed in at 17st 4lbs…. It was, at that particular moment in time both the oldest I had been and the heaviest… I’m 5’10” tall and 46 years old… that is a BMI of about 35, which roughly translates to me being  fat, unfit, middle aged motherfucker. If I was a professional boxer I would be in the ring with Tyson fucking fury! For this reason and many others I decided that day that I needed to do something about this asa-fucking -p.

It’s now just over 4 months later and I’m currently weighing in at 15st 6lbs… not bad considering I barely did anything other that eat and drink my way through December, I know, who didn’t right! I’ve set myself the arbitrary goal of getting down to 12st even (and hopefully being pretty jacked with it). 

My wife @sarahemsley has been telling me for a while I should share this journey. I’ve been choosing to ignore her, until I remembered that every time I’ve ignored her about something in the past I’ve often gone on to wish I hadn’t.

So all this has lead to this…. My first post on social media in god knows how long… years…. I’m of an age where the more drunk and embarrassing pictures you could post on facebook of you and your mates the more of a freaking legend you were! Since that stopped being a thing I didn’t really feel I had much else to share with the internet…. Until now!

So, how have you achieved this this monumentus feat i hear you say… essentially I’m trying  to lose the weight without sacrificing too much of the finer things in life… that being food and booze… having done a bit of googling I soon realised there are not many weight loss plans out there for these bespoke requirements … I know who’d of thought? So I started with exercise (always thinking out of the box), lifting weights mainly now, which i love, but it started with lots of running, which i hate. 

When it came to food and drink, sure I started eating a little better, but nothing drastic, it’s not like I went vegan or anything. I love food too much, cooking and eating, more about that another time. Intermittent fasting has been the big thing, I eat pretty much whatever I like between midday and 8pm, four or five days a week normally. Then for the booze there is the patented concept i call ‘essential drinking only’ (warning, this concept may not be patented). More on that another time too.

I’ll be amazed if anyone is still reading this and if you then surely you have something better to be doing??? So off I fuck now but hopefully I’ll keep this up and if I don’t then only like three people will have seen it anyway! 






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